13 things I’ve learned in 13 years

One. Learn to dance,

before you learn to walk.

When you walk, you go straight, in one direction,

but when you dance, you sway to

the rhythm of your heartbeat, moving to the

melody only you can hear.

Walking takes time. Walking takes practice.

But dancing . . .

Anyone can dance. Anyone can twirl and hop

and skip and anyone can live in the moment.

Two. Once you learn to walk,

go places. What’s the point of

learning something if you’re not going to explore it?

When your feet finally manage to hold you up,

go step after step after step.

Walk in the direction they tell you not to go.

Walk barefoot, so you can feel the Earth beneath you.

Walk around the world.

Walk to the moon and back.

Walk to wherever you’d like

but always remember to follow your instincts.

Three. During your walk, stop for

a moment.Look around you.

Look at where you are. Stop near a bush of

new blooms to make a flower crown.

Stop and look up at the sky.

Stop and breathe in the fresh air of

the moment that you’re in, for it

will never come back.

Four. Go on adventures. I promise,

it’s not that hard. Adventure is out there.

Travel a new road. Try something new.

Dig in your backyard to find a new treasure.

Swim in the ocean with the ripples and the waves.

Just do something. Have fun. Learn.

Five. Make friends.  You’re not alone. There are

more than seven billion people in this world, and we’re all

fighting our own battles. We’re all bearing the burden of the world.

But if the world is lying on top of two shoulders instead of one,

the load can be made a little lighter.

And when the stars fall out of the sky, and you catch them,

You’re going to want someone

to share them with and when it feels like

you’re falling off a cliff, you’re going

to have someone to catch you.

Six. Take pictures, and be part of the picture.

These beautiful days won’t come once again.

And you know that. And you want to make them last,

so you click a million photographs everyday,

but you shy away when someone is pointing

the camera at you. And I get it.

I get the urge to capture every moment,

I get the fact that you think you’re not photogenic.

But, what’s the point of capturing a moment if you’re not living it?

Seven. Learn. Every place, every memory, every moment

has something to teach you.

So, learn and be ready to learn. You’re

not always going to be right. Actually, you’ll

probably be wrong most of the time.

So get over the fact that you’re wrong and

learn what is right. And learn, that sometimes

there is no right and there is no wrong.

Always listen to the other side,

and try to understand, but always stand up

for what you believe is right. Always listen

to your heart.

Eight. Come home. It’s been a long journey,

and you’re tired and you’re fulfilled.

So, come home. You can always come home.

Your bedroom is waiting for you, with the

crayon marks on the walls,

the framed photographs on your bedside table,

and all the books scattered across your room.

And there’s that home-cooked meal, sitting

on the dining table, just waiting for you to

eat it and sigh with satisfaction when you’re done.

It’s been a long day. Come home.

Nine. Write a story. You’ve learned

so much and you’ve done so much.

You have so many stories that are

just waiting to be read. So, sit down,

at your desk, and write them.

Write what you know. Write about what you don’t.

Write about your dreams and write about your nightmares.

Write about your mountains and write about your valleys.

Just write. And keep writing until

your fingers bleed and your hands hurt. Write

until you know your story is complete.

Ten. Tell your story. You might not

realize it, but everyone is listening.

They care. They want to know.

Your story can inspire. Your story

is yours. Tell your story.

Eleven. Listen to other’s stories.

You have a story. Everyone has a story.

Listen to each other. Learn from each other.

Laugh at the funny stories and cry to the sad ones.

Everyone has been on their own journey.

Share it with them.

Twelve. Be proud of what you’ve done.

You’ve been through so much.

You’ve accomplished so much even though

it doesn’t seem like it. You deserve to be happy.

You deserve to be proud.

And thirteen. Start over.

Yeah, I know it seems like a lot

and I know it’s overwhelming.

But, think about it. You’ve done this

before. I can’t promise it’ll be easier.

But I can promise,

it will be worth it.

Hey Dreamers! I hope you liked that poem. I know you probably don’t need the advice of a thirteen-year old, but I hope it inspired you or helped you in some way. I think in a way, I wrote this more to remind myself of what is important in life, and help me along the way. It’s been a long time since I’ve written a non-rhyming poem, and I realized why I used to write so many of them. I know this was pretty long, and I thank you if you read the entire thing. 🙂 I hope you have a great day!


I Believe In You

Hey Dreamers! I hope you guys are having an amazing day! Today, I wanted to share a poem I wrote a couple days ago, when I was feeling inspired. It might be a little sappy, and a little cliche, and a little too cheery, but writing it made me really happy, so I hope this brightens your day a little.


They say they’ll miss you,

They’ll say they care,

They say they love you,

But they’re never there

When you’re all alone,

and you’ve given up,

Don’t run away,

Don’t wait for luck

Don’t listen

to what they say.

You can

rise up today,

You can do anything,

Don’t listen

to what they say


They don’t 

know you like I do,

They don’t see 

the spark in you,

They don’t love you

like I do,

So, don’t listen to them, 

Just hear me out


I believe in you

They think

they know you,

They’re thinking wrong,

Don’t let them

push you down,

Just keep singing your song

I know you’re

feeling hurt,

a little insecure,

I know it’s getting harder,

when the world can be 

so cruel

But don’t listen

to what they say,

You’re gonna go far,

Don’t listen 

to what they say,

You know who you are

They don’t

know you like I do,

They don’t know

what you’ve been through,

They don’t see 

the fire in you,

But you don’t

have to worry,


I believe in you


I hope you liked the poem. Honestly, it’s not the best poem I’ve ever written, and I thought over it many times before I posted it. It’s not as deep and meaningful as some of my other poems, but I’m still sharing it because I really loved writing it. I hope this poem inspired you in some way, and I hope you have a great day!






Three Songs Tag

Hey Dreamers! I hope you guys are having a wonderful day. Today, I will be doing the Three Songs Tag. I saw Emily’s post, and I thought it looked fun. I love music, and I listen to it all day, everyday. So, here we go:

Three songs that come up when you put your phone on shuffle:

  • Sunflower // Shannon Purser
  • Die From a Broken Heart // Maddie and Tae
  • This Feeling // Chainsmokers ft. Kelsea Ballerini

Three last songs you listened to:

  • Little Do You Know // Alex and Sierra
  • I Need To Know // Sleeping with Sirens
  • Consequences // Camila Cabello

Three songs you were recently obsessed with:

  • Let Me Down Slowly // Alec Benjamin
  • Happier // Marshmello ft. Bastille
  • Sue Me // Sabrina Carpenter

Three songs that you know thanks to your parents:

  • Dancing Queen // Abba
  • Hotel California // The Eagles
  • Words // Boyzone

Three songs you wish you could forget (because listening to them hurts)

  • Be Alright // Dean Lewis
  • Pretty Pink // Cimorelli
  • Paper Crown // Alec Benjamin

Three songs you didn’t expect to like but eventually loved

  • High Hopes // Panic! At the Disco
  • Sweater Weather // The Neighbourhood
  • watch // Billie Eilish

Three songs that remind you of summer and vacation

  • Happier // Marshmello ft. Bastille
  • On Purpose // Sabrina Carpenter
  • No Place Like You // Maddie and Tae

Three songs that get you in the Christmas mood

  • I’ll Be Home // Meghan Trainor
  • It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas // Noah Cyrus
  • Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas // Sabrina Carpenter

Three favorite spooky songs

  • Demons // Imagine Dragons
  • I Found // Amber Run
  • Monsters // Timeflies ft. Katie Sky

Three favourite songs from movie or TV series soundtrack

  • Take On The World // Girl Meets World
  • This is Me // Keala Settle
  • Where You Lead // Carole King (from Gilmore Girls)

Three songs you want at your funeral

  • We’ll Be the Stars // Sabrina Carpenter
  • I Lived // One Republic
  • Vanilla Twilight // Owl City

Three songs you want at your wedding

  • Like I’m Going to Lose You // Meghan Trainor
  • Seeing Blind // Niall Horan
  • Better Place // Rachel Platten

Three favorite songs to write to

  • Ghost of You // 5 Seconds of Summer
  • Broken // lovelytheband
  • H.O.L.Y // Florida Georgia Line

I love writing to my entire playlist, but these are the ones that inspire me the most.

Three songs that remind you of your family

  • Happier // Marshmello ft. Batille
  • Without You // Avicii
  • If We Have Each Other // Alec Benjamin

Three songs that remind you of your friends

  • All We Have is Love // Sabrina Carpenter
  • Seamless // Sabrina Carpenter
  • Shed a Tear // Kodaline

Three songs that are your guilty pleasure

  • What Makes You Beautiful // One Direction
  • You Belong With Me // Taylor Swift
  • I Like Me Better // Lauv

Three songs that remind you of fictional characters

  • Paper Doll // Bea Miller (Sophie Foster : Keeper of the Lost Cities)
  • In My Blood // Shawn Mendes (Sophie Foster : Keeper of the Lost Cities)
  • Wonderland // Taylor Swift (Alice in Wonderland)

Three songs of your childhood

  •  I See The Light // Tangled
  • A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes // Cinderella
  • Beauty and the Beast
  • And basically every Disney song ever written

Three songs you listen to when you’re sad

  • Be Alright // Dean Lewis
  • Ghost of You // 5 Seconds of Summer
  • Paper Crown // Alec Benjamin

Three songs that never fail to get you pumped up

  • All We Know // The Chainsmokers ft. Phoebe Ryan
  • Fire N Gold // Bea Miller
  • Most Girls // Hailee Steinfeld

Three favorite old songs

  • Listen To Your Heart // Roxette
  • Don’t Stop Believing // Journey
  • Here Comes The Sun // The Beatles

Three favorite songs of 2018

  • This Feeling // The Chainsmokers ft. Kelsea Ballerini
  • Happier // Marshmello ft. Bastille
  • Bad Time // Sabrina Carpenter

Three favorite non-English songs

  • Any beautiful, soft Hindi song. I can’t pick just three.

Three songs that remind you of your birthday

  • Fly // Maddie and Tae
  • Growing Pains // Alessia Cara
  • Future Me // Echosmith

Three best songs to drive to

Well, I can’t drive yet, so these are just some of my favorite road trip songs.

  • Just Hold On // Louis Tomlinson
  • Good Old Days // Macklemore ft. Kesha
  • Let Me Go // Hailee Steinfeld

Three songs that influenced you the most

  • We’ll Be The Stars // Sabrina Carpenter
  • Fight Song // Rachel Platten
  • What About Us // P!nk

Three songs you really want your followers to know

  • Force of Nature // Bea Miller
  • Fly // Maddie and Tae
  • Good Times // All Time Low

I hope you all go and listen to these songs. This post was so much fun to write. If you do this tag, please leave me a link to your post in the comments and tell me your current favorite song! Have a great day!



Just a couple thoughts . . .

Hey Dreamers! I hope you guys are having a great day! I want to start this off by apologizing for almost 5 months. I’m so sorry, and I have no excuse except for I was caught up in other things. During the summer, I worked a lot more on my writing and art, and when school started, I just got really busy.

Now that I got that out of the way, I just wanted to share all my memories from the last couple months with you guys through song lyrics and little snippets of thoughts. Enjoy!


Summer was for road trips, and ice cream, and sun,

and now we’re stuck here,

waiting for the next one

-I’m one of those strange people who loves school. I love seeing my friends everyday and learning with them. So, the last week of summer, I was excited to go back. I thought it would be just like last year, and last year was a great year.

– Turns out, 8th grade is not as easy as 7th grade. Suddenly, they’re preparing you for high school. More homework starts coming home, the work gets tougher, sleep gets shorter, the weariness gets longer. Somehow, I’m managing it. But if I’m struggling so much in 8th grade, what happens when I go to high school?

                  -You know, how sometimes, you see something so gorgeous, something so amazing, that you just want to take a deep breath and take it all in? You know, the feeling that  you’re finally complete, and there’s nothing more that you could ever want? You know, when something is so beautiful, that no picture could ever do it justice? Embrace that feeling.

-I had a four-day weekend, back in September and we had gone to Colorado. I had an amazing time. It snowed a little, and since I don’t get to see a lot of snow, I was pretty happy. I hadn’t traveled anywhere in a while, so it was really nice to see someplace new.

– Sometimes, I feel like my voice isn’t heard. I know, I don’t raise my voice too high, and I don’t try to fill in every silence, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t got things to say.

– So, I use my passion of creating to make my voice heard. I use my paintbrushes to tell a story, and I use my words to create a picture.

//We all got expectations / and sometimes they go wrong / But no one listens to me / so I put it in this song//

This Feeling // The Chainsmokers ft. Kelsea Ballerini

-When we went to Colorado, we went to the Denver Art Museum. They had an exhibit on Rembrandt, an artist who specialized in ink drawings and developed the technique for making prints back in his day. His style was so amazingly detailed and unique, I could have stayed there all day.

-Sometimes I just want to run away. Alone. To a place nobody’s found, and just sit and enjoy the view for a few minutes. Alone.

-I’m fine on my own, being alone. But, I don’t want to be lonely.

//A paper crown / and a heart made of glass/ A tattered gown/ and a kingdom of ashes//

//When all she needs and all she wants and all she finds/When all she is and ever was , is compromised//

//You build your walls too high/ And there’s no no one to love you/ when you trap yourself inside//

Paper Crown // Alec Benjamin

-The calming sound of the flowing stream. The green growth around the rushing water. Something beautiful in this chaos of a world.

Current Favorites

Book: Keeper of the Lost Cities: Flashback by Shannon Messenger

Movie: Christopher Robin

Show: Gilmore Girls

Song: Happier by Marshmello ft. Bastille


It felt so good to write a blog post after a while. I hope you guys liked this post because I loved writing it. Have an amazing day!






Living ~ A Poem

We’ve got this

great big earth

right in front of our eyes,

with wide open lands

and beautiful blue skies


We have this 

wonderful universe

right within our touch,

so many people,

so many stories,

what did we do

to deserve so much?

So let’s

open the door,

Let’s be free

and explore

There’s a

whole new world

out there,

with little treasures

so exquisite and rare

Let’s make the best

out of this beauty 

we’ve been given,

Let’s dream big

and let’s start living


Hey Dreamers! I hope you enjoyed this post! All the pictures are just some old pictures that I’ve taken over time. I had already picked the pictures before, and when I sat down to write something around the pictures, the poem just kind of flowed out of me. I really enjoyed writing the poem, and I hope it inspires you.


Good Times ~ A Poem

Good times come,

Good times go,

I should’ve learned

there’s always an end

to the show,

It went by so fast,

all those beautiful moments,

all left in the past,

should’ve known this wouldn’t last


Amazing people,

who helped me go far,

lifted me up,

helped me reach the stars

When I was broken,

they put my pieces back together,

Stood beside me,

no matter the weather


Beautiful memories,

that will always stay

in my heart,

where they’ll never fade to gray


Laughter and smiles,

that were all worthwhile,

on the right road,

we could drive for miles


River of tears,

and things that went


we felt weak,

but it made us



When we began,

we had no clue,

but we climbed mountains,

and found a gorgeous view

Oh, look how we’ve grown!

something so wonderful,

who would’ve known?


Good times come,

Good times go,

It’s been a long time,

but it feels like it was just

a day ago,

when we embarked on this journey

of new experiences

and learning,

We laughed, We cried,

We never gave up

and we always tried

The time has gone,


We’ll treasure these memories


Hey Dreamers! I hope you liked that poem. It’s probably one of my favorite poems that I’ve ever written because it’s really close to my heart.

   My last day of 7th grade was on Tuesday, and I was kind of sad about it. 7th grade was an amazing year for me. It was like I had a breakthrough. I had amazing teachers and amazing friends and I did amazing things. I grew so much, in so many different ways, I felt like I found a new part of myself. And the thing that really stands out to me isn’t something that I won, or accomplished. The thing that stands out to me, is that I was happy. I enjoyed myself every single day, I laughed every single day and that was the best feeling ever. I can say with utmost confidence that 7th grade was one of the best years of my life.

It’s true what they say, you have to enjoy every moment of your life, because those beautiful moments won’t come again.

Sketchbook Tour + My Art Journey

Hey Dreamers! I hope all of you are having a wonderful day. Today’s post is a Sketchbook Tour! If you didn’t know this already, art is one of my biggest passions along with writing. I realized that I don’t talk about art a lot on this blog, but it is a huge part of my life. So, I decided to share it with you.

I had been meaning to do a sketchbook tour for a while, but I procrastinated so much that in the meantime, I filled up another sketchbook. So, this post has art from both of them. Fun fact: these were two of my very first sketchbooks that have been completely filled up. As you look through the art, I will be telling you about my journey with art and how it has helped me through the years. My art means a lot to me, so I hope you like it.


My journey with art started when I was about 3-4 years old. My parents would often read picture books to me. I sat next to them, admired the drawings and listened to the story. Back then, I didn’t know how to read, so when my parents didn’t have time to read to me, I only had the pictures to rely on. I absolutely loved looking at all of the pretty pictures of all the different characters and scenes, and that sparked something in me. Sparked an interest, sparked a love, a desire, to create those kinds of pictures.

So, I sat on the floor with a piece of paper and crayons and just drew. It might not have looked like anything, it might not have been good, but it made me happy. The process of picking out colors, making marks on the page and creating something out of nothing was like magic.


After a while, it became a habit. It became something that I did almost every day. I’d lock myself in my room, scatter my crayons on the floor and create for hours. Soon, the people around me started noticing my new found love and I started getting sketchbooks, color pencils, paints and all kinds of art supplies as birthday presents, Christmas gifts and more.

As I was growing up, my love for art only grew. With every drawing that I did, I got better. In school, I would eagerly wait for art class that we had once a week. I shone in art class. My teacher praised me and my friends gasped when I showed them what I had done and that tiny bit of recognition that I got brought me an immense amount of joy.


I remember begging my mom to put me in an art class outside of school, but she refused. It wasn’t that she was unsupportive of my art, she just didn’t like the methods of teaching art that the art teachers in our community used. The teachers would tell the students what to do and the students would have to do it exactly the same way. There was no space for creative freedom, there was no room for imagination. For me, I think that was one of the best decisions, my mom made.

After that, for a long time, I stopped making art. I had discovered writing as a passion, and I started to write more. School was getting stressful too. Everyday, I came home with tons of homework that took me hours. Any bit of free time that I had, went to  studying, or writing.


Then, we moved to the United States from  India. The United States is where my passion grew the most. I saw art everywhere, in different forms. Music, dance , theatre and more. My new school encouraged imagination and creative thinking and it inspired me. I started making art again, and it felt amazing.

The next year, I went to middle school. I had taken art as an elective and I had an amazing teacher who encouraged me to do my best. Art was the highlight of my day, and I enjoyed it very much. But, when I look back, I notice that most of the art that I made was for  school assignments. I had stopped making art for the pleasure of it. I had stopped making art as a hobby. I had stopped making art for myself.

The summer of 2017, we traveled back to India for three weeks. In our old house, I found tons of old sketchbooks, filled with crayon drawings, scribbles and little figments of imagination. Lastly, I found a sketchbook that my dad had bought for me. (1st picture). I felt a new spark surging through my veins when I held that sketchbook.


I took it back to America and started drawing in it. At first, I thought that I was going to draw in it for a while, and then give up. But, I finished it and started a new one. “I’m surely going to quit halfway”, I had thought to myself. But, I finished that one too. My love for art had come back. I improved everyday and now, here I am.

I am who I am today, because of art. Art has helped me through so many hard times. I absolutely love expressing myself with colors and shapes and lines. It’s not just the end result, it’s also the process. When I move my paintbrush across the canvas and make a stroke of color, and as I see stroke after stroke come together and create something beautiful, that’s what makes me happiest. No matter what I go through, I will always be an artist.