Living ~ A Poem

We’ve got this

great big earth

right in front of our eyes,

with wide open lands

and beautiful blue skies


We have this 

wonderful universe

right within our touch,

so many people,

so many stories,

what did we do

to deserve so much?

So let’s

open the door,

Let’s be free

and explore

There’s a

whole new world

out there,

with little treasures

so exquisite and rare

Let’s make the best

out of this beauty 

we’ve been given,

Let’s dream big

and let’s start living


Hey Dreamers! I hope you enjoyed this post! All the pictures are just some old pictures that I’ve taken over time. I had already picked the pictures before, and when I sat down to write something around the pictures, the poem just kind of flowed out of me. I really enjoyed writing the poem, and I hope it inspires you.



Good Times ~ A Poem

Good times come,

Good times go,

I should’ve learned

there’s always an end

to the show,

It went by so fast,

all those beautiful moments,

all left in the past,

should’ve known this wouldn’t last


Amazing people,

who helped me go far,

lifted me up,

helped me reach the stars

When I was broken,

they put my pieces back together,

Stood beside me,

no matter the weather


Beautiful memories,

that will always stay

in my heart,

where they’ll never fade to gray


Laughter and smiles,

that were all worthwhile,

on the right road,

we could drive for miles


River of tears,

and things that went


we felt weak,

but it made us



When we began,

we had no clue,

but we climbed mountains,

and found a gorgeous view

Oh, look how we’ve grown!

something so wonderful,

who would’ve known?


Good times come,

Good times go,

It’s been a long time,

but it feels like it was just

a day ago,

when we embarked on this journey

of new experiences

and learning,

We laughed, We cried,

We never gave up

and we always tried

The time has gone,


We’ll treasure these memories


Hey Dreamers! I hope you liked that poem. It’s probably one of my favorite poems that I’ve ever written because it’s really close to my heart.

   My last day of 7th grade was on Tuesday, and I was kind of sad about it. 7th grade was an amazing year for me. It was like I had a breakthrough. I had amazing teachers and amazing friends and I did amazing things. I grew so much, in so many different ways, I felt like I found a new part of myself. And the thing that really stands out to me isn’t something that I won, or accomplished. The thing that stands out to me, is that I was happy. I enjoyed myself every single day, I laughed every single day and that was the best feeling ever. I can say with utmost confidence that 7th grade was one of the best years of my life.

It’s true what they say, you have to enjoy every moment of your life, because those beautiful moments won’t come again.

Sketchbook Tour + My Art Journey

Hey Dreamers! I hope all of you are having a wonderful day. Today’s post is a Sketchbook Tour! If you didn’t know this already, art is one of my biggest passions along with writing. I realized that I don’t talk about art a lot on this blog, but it is a huge part of my life. So, I decided to share it with you.

I had been meaning to do a sketchbook tour for a while, but I procrastinated so much that in the meantime, I filled up another sketchbook. So, this post has art from both of them. Fun fact: these were two of my very first sketchbooks that have been completely filled up. As you look through the art, I will be telling you about my journey with art and how it has helped me through the years. My art means a lot to me, so I hope you like it.


My journey with art started when I was about 3-4 years old. My parents would often read picture books to me. I sat next to them, admired the drawings and listened to the story. Back then, I didn’t know how to read, so when my parents didn’t have time to read to me, I only had the pictures to rely on. I absolutely loved looking at all of the pretty pictures of all the different characters and scenes, and that sparked something in me. Sparked an interest, sparked a love, a desire, to create those kinds of pictures.

So, I sat on the floor with a piece of paper and crayons and just drew. It might not have looked like anything, it might not have been good, but it made me happy. The process of picking out colors, making marks on the page and creating something out of nothing was like magic.


After a while, it became a habit. It became something that I did almost every day. I’d lock myself in my room, scatter my crayons on the floor and create for hours. Soon, the people around me started noticing my new found love and I started getting sketchbooks, color pencils, paints and all kinds of art supplies as birthday presents, Christmas gifts and more.

As I was growing up, my love for art only grew. With every drawing that I did, I got better. In school, I would eagerly wait for art class that we had once a week. I shone in art class. My teacher praised me and my friends gasped when I showed them what I had done and that tiny bit of recognition that I got brought me an immense amount of joy.


I remember begging my mom to put me in an art class outside of school, but she refused. It wasn’t that she was unsupportive of my art, she just didn’t like the methods of teaching art that the art teachers in our community used. The teachers would tell the students what to do and the students would have to do it exactly the same way. There was no space for creative freedom, there was no room for imagination. For me, I think that was one of the best decisions, my mom made.

After that, for a long time, I stopped making art. I had discovered writing as a passion, and I started to write more. School was getting stressful too. Everyday, I came home with tons of homework that took me hours. Any bit of free time that I had, went to  studying, or writing.


Then, we moved to the United States from  India. The United States is where my passion grew the most. I saw art everywhere, in different forms. Music, dance , theatre and more. My new school encouraged imagination and creative thinking and it inspired me. I started making art again, and it felt amazing.

The next year, I went to middle school. I had taken art as an elective and I had an amazing teacher who encouraged me to do my best. Art was the highlight of my day, and I enjoyed it very much. But, when I look back, I notice that most of the art that I made was for  school assignments. I had stopped making art for the pleasure of it. I had stopped making art as a hobby. I had stopped making art for myself.

The summer of 2017, we traveled back to India for three weeks. In our old house, I found tons of old sketchbooks, filled with crayon drawings, scribbles and little figments of imagination. Lastly, I found a sketchbook that my dad had bought for me. (1st picture). I felt a new spark surging through my veins when I held that sketchbook.


I took it back to America and started drawing in it. At first, I thought that I was going to draw in it for a while, and then give up. But, I finished it and started a new one. “I’m surely going to quit halfway”, I had thought to myself. But, I finished that one too. My love for art had come back. I improved everyday and now, here I am.

I am who I am today, because of art. Art has helped me through so many hard times. I absolutely love expressing myself with colors and shapes and lines. It’s not just the end result, it’s also the process. When I move my paintbrush across the canvas and make a stroke of color, and as I see stroke after stroke come together and create something beautiful, that’s what makes me happiest. No matter what I go through, I will always be an artist.


A Letter to Society

Dear Society,

Look at yourself. Look at what you’ve done to this world. Look at what you’ve done to your people. Girls and boys are harming themselves because you tell them that they need to be a certain way to be happy. Look at them, they’re destroying themselves, just to make you happy. They hate themselves because they don’t have those shiny locks of golden hair, that stick thin body and clear skin that you keep telling them they need to have.

Think of all those amazing people you could’ve created if only you had been accepting. Think of all those people who could’ve changed the world if only you had told them that they could.

Because of you, when those people wake up in the morning and look at themselves in the mirror, they only see ugliness. They tell themselves that they’re not pretty, that they need to be pretty. They look at those perfect, photoshopped  models, that you show them and compare themselves. They try so hard to look like them, only to realize that they’ll never look how you want them to. They’re trying to make you happy, when they should be trying to be happy themselves.

Have you noticed this? Because I have. So, today, I have one request. Stop. Just stop it. Stop telling people that they need to be a certain way to be accepted. Stop telling them that they need to look a certain way to be pretty. Stop telling them to be someone they’re not. Stop showing them those gorgeous, photoshopped models that they will one day aspire to look like, but it won’t be possible, because it’s not real. But most of all, stop telling them that they’re not beautiful. Stop telling them that they’r not worth it, because they are. Every. Single. One of them, is amazing and wonderful and worth it.. So, stop telling them that they’re not and instead, show them the  beautiful people that they are.

Don’t put them down because of who they’re not, but make them feel loved because of who they are. Tell them they’re amazing. Encourage them to throw their heart into what they love to do, and tell them that they are beautiful because of who they are. Please.

Hey Dreamers! I hope you enjoyed that post. I know my last post was on the same topic. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately , and one day I came home and wrote this in my journal. I strongly believe that everyone in this world is beautiful and needs to feel beautiful, so I really wanted to post this. I hope you liked it and have a great day!


Who You Are ~ A Poem

Stick-thin bodies,

and long blonde hair,

a face full of make up,

pretending that you care


Uncomfortable dresses,

and too-tight shoes,

Beauty is pain,

What’s there to lose?


Society will tell you,

this is who you need to be,

this is what you need to do

to be beautiful and pretty


But I’m here to tell you,

that society is wrong,


those freckles scattered

across your face,

and those hidden,

tiny scars,

Your faded shirt,

and messed up hair,

make you who you are



when you look at yourself,

in the mirror everyday,

don’t listen

to what they say,

because you are beautiful,

and you are pretty,

and you are

who you are


Hey Dreamers! I wrote this poem yesterday, and I really wanted to share it with you. This is something I strongly believe in and it’s a topic that’s really close to my heart, so I hope you liked it!


Talent vs Hard Work

Hey Dreamers! I hope you’re having a wonderful day.

Today, I wanted to talk about something that I’ve been thinking about for a while. I’ve always heard people saying things like, “He/she is so talented!”, or “I wish I was as talented as her/him.” But, when someone says this, do they realize what they’re saying? The dictionary definition of talent is: natural aptitude or skill. Talent is when you’re naturally good at something. Talent gets you to certain point. But if you want to get beyond that point, it takes something more. It takes practice and hard work. Without practice and hard work, talent means nothing.

All of the greatest musicians, writers, engineers, artists, had to work hard to be successful. Sure, they might’ve been talented, but that’s not what got them where they wanted to be. They weren’t experts the moment they picked up the guitar or the moment they painted their first brush stroke. It took them more than a thousand tries to become as good as they are today.

Whenever you see someone’s work and say that you’ll never be as talented as them, keep in mind all the hard work and long hours they would’ve put into it. Don’t ever brush of hard work by saying that it’s talent. Don’t ever use the excuse that you’re not talented. You can do anything, as long as you’re willing to work hard for it.

Thank you for reading, that little rant. I hope you enjoyed it. ❤

100 Followers Q&A+Giveaway Winners!!!

Hey Dreamers! Before I start this post, I just wanted to say that I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting regularly, but things were really busy for me. So, a month ago, I saw that I had a 100 followers! I decided to do a Q&A and a giveaway, so here it is:

The Q&A

Em’s Questions

What is your favorite quote?

I have too many, but I guess I’ll pick one. “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” -Walt Disney

Top 3 Books?

Why would you make me pick?! Why would you do that to me?! Since I couldn’t pick three books, I picked three series ;-).

  1. Keeper of the Lost Cities
  2. Harry Potter
  3. Percy Jackson

Dogs or Cats?
Cats. Cats. And cats.

Shrika’s Question

(fun fact: Shrika is one of my IRL friends)

What is your name, Arunima?

I don’t know, why don’t you tell me?

Starling’s Questions

Dogs or Cats?

Like I said above, cats. Cats all the way.

White Chocolate or Dark Chocolate?

I . . . don’t know? I think, Neither, I personally prefer milk chocolate, but if I had to pick, I’d pick white chocolate.

Enni’s Questions

How did you come up with your blog name?

Honestly, I don’t really know. I thought of the name before I created the blog. While I was still posting on my earlier blog, I thought it would be a great idea for a blog name, so I created a new blog with the new name.

Do you have any siblings?

No, I don’t, I’m an only child.

What’s your favorite thing about the world?

My favorite thing about the world, would definitely the people. They make the world what it is and everyone is different.

What’s your least favorite thing?

The violence and prejudice. I hate how unfair the world can be and how violent it is. We don’t need violence show people how we feel . And we should never treat people differently, everyone deserves to have rights and to be treated fairly.

Is Arunima your real name or your pen name? What does it mean?
Arunima is my real name, I couldn’t have come up with that name myself. Arunima means red rays of the morning sun.

That is the end of the Q&A, thank you to everyone who asked me question. And now, I will be announcing the giveaway winners. Thank you to everyone who entered, I really appreciate it. And now, it’s time to announce the winners! The winners are . . .






























Enni and Emily!

Congratulations! I will be contacting the both of you soon, to discuss your prizes. Thank you guys again for a 100 followers, you have no idea how much it means to me. I hope you have a nice day!