Hello muggles! It’s me Hermione. I’m expecting most book dragons to know who I am. I am a POP figure. Arunima got me for Christmas. I was so excited. Today she took a few pictures of me.

20161227_144450_001 20161227_144554 20161227_144547 20161227_144526

I went exploring in the backyard-

20161227_143948 20161227_144035 20161227_144019 20161227_143957

20161227_144256 20161227_144249 20161227_144213

What about here?
Can you spot me?
Can you spot me?
Spot me again!

Then Arunima took me to get a photoshoot in a studio it was actually her craft room.

20161227_145231_001 20161227_145202 20161227_145144 20161227_145119_001 20161227_145045 20161227_144951

I chose the background myself. You can be anything you want to be. It’s my message to everyone in the world.

Did you like the photoshoot? Comment and tell me which photo was your favorite.





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