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I recently watched Moana and I have to say, Moana is my favorite Disney character (in the movie she said she’s not a princess) so far. She’s brave, daring and very kind. That’s what makes an inspiring character. Here are my thoughts on the aspects of the movie-


The storyline was overall very well done. Moana takes place in the Polynesian Islands. So the story , since Moana was a child she had a love for the ocean. I’d like to take a moment to say, Moana was an adorable child-

Getting along with the story. Moana’s dad is the chief of the village, he wants Moana to stay with them and rule the village. But she’s determined to explore beyond the reef. Her dad is adamant. Her grandma is very fond of the ocean too. She inspires Moana to explore. She tells Moana a story: Hundreds of years ago there was a goddess named Tafiti, she had the power to create things in the world. She had a heart which held all of her power. But one day a Demigod named Maui came in and stole the heart so he could have the power to create. But alas a great monster named Taka arose. He destroyed everything. And when Maui tried to fight him the heart was lost. Gramma Tala had found the heart when she had seen Moana playing with the ocean. She wants Moana to journey across the ocean, find Maui and restore the heart of Tafiti.

While her parents tell her that everybody who ever lived stayed within the reef, her grandma shows her that their ancestors were voyagers. They explored. Just when she learns about her ancestors her grandma dies. Gramma Tala tells her to go and find Maui to restore the heart. she gives her the heart.

Moana runs to the sea. She goes through a storm and it wrecks her boat. In the morning she’s on an Island where she finds Maui. Maui is reluctant to help her but Moana convinces him. First they have to find Maui’s magical hook and then restore the heart.

They go through a whole sea of bad to restore the heart. On the way making great friendships.

I liked the story, but I think the part of Gramma Tala dying was unnecessary. Other than that it was wonderful.



A brave and courageous young girl who loves to explore. She cares about her island and the ocean very much. She is also very kind and understanding of everyone. I think they did a very good job on Moana’s character. She is inspiring to girls like me. She shows everyone that anything is possible if you try.


The demigod. He’s really funny but he’s also full of himself. One thing that I really liked about the way they created him is his past. He wasn’t born a demigod. He had human parents. One look at him and they didn’t want him. the gods found him and turned him into a demigod. It’s a very heart warming moment when he tells his story to Moana. When Maui stole the heart, he started creating things too. Everything he did was for his parents to love him. I liked the fact that he is strong on the outside but really soft on the inside.

Gramma Tala

Gramma Tala is my favorite character in this movie. She encourages Moana to go beyond the reef. She loves the ocean just as much as Moana does. She dances with the ocean and is very free-spirited.

I don’t have many opinions on the other characters


Moana had beautiful songs. Free-spirited and inspiring. Here are the links to my favorites:

How Far I’ll Go

We Know The Way

This is my review for Moana. Have you watched Moana? What did you think of the movie? Do you have a movie you want me to review? Tell me in the comments and like if you want more reviews.

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4 thoughts on “Moana-Review

  1. I loved this movie! I can see why you think Grandma Tala dying was unnecessary. Think about this though: If Grandma Tala was still alive, then Moana may not have been so motivated to continue to explore the ocean and help restore the heart. If Grandma Tala lived, then Moana may have tried to forget about going to the ocean. Generally, old people deserve respect. In fact, they ALWAYS deserve respect, sorry. But not everyone listens. So Moana would have just though Grandma Tala was out of her mind. Just maybe. 🙂
    I hope you understand. I just totally made that up though 😄

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