My Favorite Music

Hey guys! Today I will be showing you my favorite music. This is going to be a series. Each post will feature a singer or band and I’ll tell you my favorite songs by them.


Todays singer is Sabrina Carpenter!

I discovered Sabrina Carpenter from Girl Meets World. Then I listened to her songs and I love her songs. Her songs are inspirational and motivational. My top favorite song by her is-

On Purpose. It’s a really beautiful song. Definitely my favorite out of her songs.

Eyes Wide Open. In fact I’m listening to this right now! This song is really good too.

Cant Blame A Girl for Trying. Sweet and light hearted.

We’ll be the Stars. So inspirational. It’s amazing.

That is it for todays post. If you have a singer or band that you really like tell me in the comments so I can check it out. Do you listen to Sabrina Carpenter?

Dream On



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