Random Post #1

Hey Dreamers! Today I am doing a random post where I write about random and different topics which are too small to make a post about. I have seen a lot of bloggers do this and it just seems really fun. So let’s embark on a journey to randomness…..

#1 Writing

Today I had a writing competition in my school, so you go as a team of three from your school and compete against other schools. There are supposed to be 6 winners. My teammate got first place! I was really happy for her, she writes really well. On the other hand, I got 6th place! Not as good, but I was still one of the winners and I’m really glad. Tomorrow there is an awards ceremony where we get doughnuts!!! I am really happy. I will be taking a short break from writing because I wrote a lot in the past week.

#2 Saving Wildlife

I have decided to make a donation to World Wildlife Fund (WWF). They have a thing where you can basically kind of adopt an animal. They call it adopting but it’s not really adopting. You pay some money and you can choose to get an adoption package. You choose an animal to donate for and the money you send goes to taking care of that animal. Here is the link if you want to symbolically adopt an animal. I am donating out of my allowance. I have enough, but I just need to choose an animal. If you have an animal in mind that you would like to save from endangerment please tell me so I can think about it.

#3 Books

I LOVE reading! I pretty much devour books. I am a book dragon. Here are a few of my favorite books that you should go check out:

Dream On Amber by Emma Shevah Picture: courtesy of Goodreads
Dream On Amber by Emma Shevah
Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein
Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein

If you have any book recommendations for me I would love it if you told me in the comments below.

Pictures: Courtesy of Goodreads and Wikipedia

That is it for todays post. I hope you are having a miraculous day!

Dream On





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