Saving Wildlife

Hey Dreamers! Today I am going to be writing about wildlife. We all know that wildlife is endangered and can even cause extinction. Sometimes there are really small things that we do to harm wildlife, wool, leather, ivory, it’s all made out of some body part of an innocent animal. All creatures are a part of one amazing world and we need to accept that. However dangerous some creature might seem, it’s still a living being. We cut down trees for paper, land , wood and so much more. Hundreds of habitats are destroyed.

That’s not it! There are so many small steps we can take to save wildlife, recycle, not use products that are made out of animal body parts, donate to organizations that help save all living beings.

I recently donated to World Wildlife Fund which is a great organization to donate to. The way I did it is, you can symbolically adopt any animal of your choice. You donate a certain amount of money  and you can choose to get a package or you can choose not to. Click here to see all the options. The money you donate goes to the animal of your choice. I donated from my allowance.  I chose to donate for a narwhal-

Image courtesy of WWF
Image courtesy of WWF

Here’s a video to learn more about narwhals:

This is a very informational video. Another thing you can do is, if there is a special occasion coming up and you need to get a gift for someone, you can make a donation to WWF in the person’s name you want to give the gift to. I feel that it is a very special gift to give someone.

That’s all for the post. Tell me in the comments, if you were donating for any animal what animal would you choose. Thank you for reading.

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4 thoughts on “Saving Wildlife

  1. I love love love love love narwhals. They’re so pretty and just amazing. I love the idea of donating to World Wildlife Fund, I’ll see if I can do it, it seems like a good idea.
    ~Emily x


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