Hey Dreamers! I have some sad news. I will not be blogging for about two weeks. I have very important tests coming up, so I have to focus. I will try to blog on weekends or when I have more time. At the moment I really need to concentrate. Thank you for understanding.


Dear Genevieve

Dear Genevieve,

it’s been ten years since it happened. Ten whole years. I still haven’t recovered from it. I want to be the Marilyn that I used to be, the Marilyn who had big dreams and hope for the world. But tell me one thing Genevieve. How can I dream? How can I hope, when I know that everything will be shattered in the end. It happened in only a second. In one second my whole world fell apart. My dreams were shattered like glass. And hope? There was no question. It just went away.

Do you remember? When we were 5 years old, we dreamt of touching the stars. We’d gaze at them every night with sparkles in our eyes. Weren’t we silly?

The last thing, I may have lost all hope and all my dreams but there was one thing that didn’t go away. There’s one thing that I wake up for everyday. That’s you Genevieve. I think of you everyday. You supported me, you tried to fix me. I want you to know that I appreciate it so much. We are more than a thousand miles apart and yet you make me think that it’s not over yet. You are a miracle Genevieve. You deserve so much more than you have. You have so little, but you can do so much. I just wanted you to know.




Hey Dreamers! I hope you liked my story. It was inspired by Loren’s story called Clara’s Letter. The story is not the same but, it’s in a letter form. Comment below if you have any constructive criticism or any tips for me


Dear Earth,

You gave us life

and everything we have,

You kept us safe

and taught us the most valuable lessons

Now it’s time,

we do something for you

For this place

where we learnt and grew

We have so much left to say and do,

but for now,


to you

Hey Dreamers! This is a poem I wrote for Earth Day, I hope you like it.

Have a great day!

Quote #3

“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

This is a wonderful quote. Enjoy what you have right now and don’t worry about anything else. Have fun and love your life.

Well, this was a short post. I hope you liked my drawing. Comment below what the quote means to you in one sentence.

My New Blog Button!

Hey Dreamers! I have an exciting announcement: I have a blog button!!!!!!! This is what it looks like:

You guys might have noticed the whole sea/ocean theme in my blog. Well, fun fact all the thingamabobbers are made of the same picture. I took it on our trip to Redwood Forest. There’s a new page on my blog for blog buttons. So comment down below or on the page if you want to swap buttons and link your blog button too.



Recent Artwork

Hey Dreamers! I hope you are having a wonderful day. I have been doing some artwork lately which I am quite proud of so I hope you like them!

#1 Kawaii Critters

I got the idea from this video:

If you didn’t know Kawaii is like a culture in Japan which is based on all things cute. I loved these so much that I had to draw them.

#2 Vintage Telephone

One day, I thought about how vintage telephones are super cool. And I felt like drawing one of them. So I went on Pinterest and searched up telephones, and there were tons of beautiful pictures. I chose to do a yellow one because it was so bright and cheery.

#3 ZenBalloons

I had learnt Zentangle in 5th grade I fell in love with it immediately. I did some now and then. Then Mukta did a post on Zentangle and that inspired me to do my own. This is what I did.

I hope you guys liked my artwork. Tell me in the comments below your favorite artist or your favorite artwork?