Recent Artwork

Hey Dreamers! I hope you are having a wonderful day. I have been doing some artwork lately which I am quite proud of so I hope you like them!

#1 Kawaii Critters

I got the idea from this video:

If you didn’t know Kawaii is like a culture in Japan which is based on all things cute. I loved these so much that I had to draw them.

#2 Vintage Telephone

One day, I thought about how vintage telephones are super cool. And I felt like drawing one of them. So I went on Pinterest and searched up telephones, and there were tons of beautiful pictures. I chose to do a yellow one because it was so bright and cheery.

#3 ZenBalloons

I had learnt Zentangle in 5th grade I fell in love with it immediately. I did some now and then. Then Mukta did a post on Zentangle and that inspired me to do my own. This is what I did.

I hope you guys liked my artwork. Tell me in the comments below your favorite artist or your favorite artwork?



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