I have no idea what the title should be

Hey Dreamers. I have a short notice for you guys. So, you may or may not know that I moved to America from India. It’s been about one and a half year, and for summer vacation my parents and I are visiting India for three weeks. I am so excited. I don’t think I’m going to have time to post, but if I do then I’ll definitely post. Thank you for understanding.

I have another announcement. I am planning to start a photo story series on my blog for the summer. I have two options and I want you guys to decide which one I should do. Here are the options:

#1 Tsum Tsum Tales

If any of you don’t know what tsum tsums are, they are little round plush toys, and they come in forms of Disney characters:


They are adorable. This series will be about my family of tsum tsums and there funny and cute adventures.


Before you ask: Yes I am a tween who plays with plush animals. They’re adorable. Don’t judge me.


#2 The Midnight Stone

Hope is a young girl who has gone through many obstacles in her life. One day she is sent on a quest to find the Midnight Stone and protect it. But she’s not alone, she has to go with Paisley. A happy-go lucky girl who doesn’t understand the reality of life. Hope is not very fond of Paisley but she has to deal with it. As they go through their adventure, they learn important life lessons about friendship, bravery and acceptance.

(This photo story series will be done with American Girl Dolls)


So those are your options. Sorry if the descriptions are short I didn’t want to give away to much. πŸ™‚ Just comment down below “Tsum Tsum Tales” or “The Midnight Stone” depending an which one you want to see. You guys have about three weeks until I come back. Please vote! I really have no idea which one I want to do.



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