Stereotypes that I Hate

Hey Dreamers! I hope you are having a wonderful day. Before I start todays post I’d like to tell you guys that I will not be doing the photo story that I promised in one of my older posts. I know that it’s really irresponsible of me, but I don’t think the idea really excites me anymore. I’m really sorry but I will do the photo story series sometime later but not right now. Thanks for understanding.

Okay, now putting all that behind, for this post I will be sharing the stereotypes that I hate the most. First of all, you should not believe stereotypes. I believe everyone has the right to choose what they like and we shouldn’t judge people because of their looks, gender or skin. Let’ begin:

1.Girls are not good at sports.

Gender stereotypes are really wrong. I personally am not good at sports but that doesn’t mean other girls aren’t. Girls are just as athletic as any boy, and they could even be better at sports than some boys. I know some girls who are really good at sports and could beat any boy.

2. If you like reading and have good grades you’re a “nerd”/ If you wear glasses you’re a “nerd”

I can prove that this stereotype is wrong. The dictionary meaning of nerd is:Β a foolish or contemptible person who lacks social skills or is boringly studious.

And if you think that just because I have glasses means I’m a nerd you’re wrong. Wearing glasses does not affect your personality. Glasses are things that you wear when you can’t see well. You either have them or you don’t. It doesn’t matter and it doesn’t change who you are.

Just because I like reading, get good grades and wear glasses doesn’t mean I’m a nerd. I feel like this word is used in a wrong way most of the time, even in books and movies.

]3. Pink is a “girl” color and blue is a “boy” color

Most of the time when people think of a girl they think…pink! And when they think of a boy they think…blue! Personally I think this is absolutely ridiculous. Pink and blue are just colors. If you look around you’ll notice how many people believe that stereotype. Most of the toys for girls are pink and most of the toys for boys are blue. For children’s birthdays too, the girls decorations are mostly pink and boys are blue.

My mom told me that for my first birthday she had asked for blue balloons. But the people who were decorating the place got red balloons instead. When my mom questioned them he said ” We always do red for girls”.

Another story is when I was invited to a party of one of my classmates. I made him a card with a drawing of a birthday cake. I had colored it with lots of colors. When I gave it to him, he said “Next time don’t put pink on it.” I know he didn’t mean to offend me but it was really stereotypical.

4. Smart girls are not pretty and pretty girls are not smart

Let me start of by saying all girls are equally beautiful and smart. This stereotype is hurtful to all girls. And it’s not what’s on the outside that matters. It’s what’s on the inside that does.

5. Women need men to save them/ Women can’t save themselves

Many fairytales and Disney movies show that women are ‘damsels in distress’. In most of the fairytales and movies there’s always a man who rescues the woman. This gives the wrong idea to little girls. It makes them think that they need a man to save them. Little girls need to know that they are capable enough to save themselves.


Sorry if this was full of complaints. I just felt like I needed to get it out there. I feel like this is something important people should know, because stereotypes can be really hurtful and they are just lies. It really hurts when people believe these lies. Thanks for reading this far. If you are still reading this right now:

Comment below a stereotype that you hate.




17 thoughts on “Stereotypes that I Hate

  1. Also, can we do a button swap? I tried to contact you(I think) earlier using the form but you might have forgotten, or may not have gotten them? Just copy and paste the button and it should work automatically. If it doesn’t, let me know! You can make me an admin and I will do the correction. πŸ™‚

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  2. Oh, gosh! These are so true, I am an athlete, I run over 8kms a day and have just got a coach, I am faster than all the boys in my class. And boys are better at sport than us! WHAT! And I’ve been called ‘too pretty and too smart’ by a girl at my own school who hated me and bullied me, girls can be smart and pretty and so what you say here is just what I needed! And my favourite colour is blue, so there you idiots who say that it’s a boy’s colour! I hate pink and most of the boys in my class love it and everything of their’s is pink! I read lots and get good grades, I wear glasses. I’m not a nerd though, but I am according to that mean girl, just because I was better than her at school-work! Oh, and the damsel’s in distress, any person who says that, I tell them to watch Mirror, Mirror, the new Snow White, not a damsel in distress at all! She’s a fighter.
    Sorry for the long comment, but I had too much to say!
    ~Emily x
    P.S. Love the post!

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  3. Oh my gosh, I love how you posted this! I feel like this is so necessary to post. I’ve been stereotyped with all of these things (especially the glasses/good grades, and the girls are not good at sports). It’s so frustrating, but I love proving those people and their ignorant opinions wrong. I loved this post! xx

    Aqsa ❀

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  4. Those stereotypes are ones we hear pretty often and they make me sick.
    I’m not athletic in the way you’d generally picture it but I’m good at arm wrestling, boxing, sprinting… Weird stuff like that. Blue is the top on my fave colour list and it’s so annoying when people tell me I’m supposed to like pink… Trust me, I’ve been told, and I’ve been super agitated.
    Oh, and the nerd thing? I could relate to that SO MUCH. That’s like what people in my school think my middle name is. Ugh. Didn’t mean that literally of course, but you get the point.
    And to think women can’t look after themselves! Whoever started that stereotype deserves a punch in the face.
    Thanks for voicing this out! I needed it. πŸ™‚

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