CWWC #8~ A Fresh Start

Hey Dreamers! Today I’ll be posting the last CWWC Challenge. This was such a great experience and I truly loved it. It really helped me grow. I used all three prompts.  I’m on TEAM HOGWARTS:

Here’s my story:


“This is going to be great!”My mom said happily as she turned the steering wheel. “Sure”, my older sister replied sarcastically. “Alice!” Mom yelled, “This is a great opportunity. We can have so many adventures!” Alice and I looked at each other. We knew the real reason we were moving.  It wasn’t because of opportunity or adventure. It was because of my dad. He had died a month ago a crash. None of us got over it. So, mom thought it would be a good idea to move away. So we packed our bags, sold our house and here we were. Driving to the middle of nowhere.

“Tracy, tell mom that moving away isn’t the answer”, Alice said to me.


“Look, I know.  .   .   .   .   .  things, haven’t been great. But we need to get a new start”, mom said.

We all fell silent, thinking about dad. I put on my headphones, hoping that listening to music would take my mind off of the situation. Soon I fell asleep.

When I woke up, it was completely dark outside. “Mom?”, I asked.

“Oh, honey you’re awake! I was planning to stop at a restaurant or a fast food place so we can eat.”

“Doesn’t look like we’re gonna be having food for a while”, Alice grumbled.

Mom sighed. But Alice was right. The road was open and all we could see were hills. No lights, no shops, no drive-thrus, no other cars. We drove for what seemed like ages. Our stomachs were grumbling and we all were very cranky. Finally, we saw a small general store that looked like it was open. Mom sighed as she parked the car.

“Not exactly what I had in mind”, Alice complained.

“Well you can starve then!”, mom shouted. We looked at her shocked. She took a deep breath and walked out of the car.

When we walked in, there was a girl. She had straight blonde hair and looked like she hadn’t slept in a month. She was chewing bubblegum. We walked around and picked up some bread, peanut butter and jelly and some plastic spoons, forks and knives. We also picked up some snacks just incase the rest of the town was as lonely as this. When we went to the cash register to pay, the girl blew a green bubble.


Mom tapped the table a little bit to wake her up. She looked at us and sleepily said, “How can I help you?”

“We’d like to buy these please”, mom answered.

“Mmhmm”, she murmured.

” Do you mind if we sit on the outside steps?”

“I don’t care.”

We sat on the steps and ate quietly. It was really awkward between us. Alice was on her phone when she whined,

“My phone is not working!”

“Just like your brain”, mom muttered.

“Mom!” I said loudly.

Mom sighed and looked away. After we were done with dinner, mom went back inside and asked the girl

“Do you know some place we can stay for the night?”

“There’s an inn a few miles away.”

“How long will it take to get there?”

“About 45 minutes.”

“Ugh! Can you at least tell me the way?”, mom was really frustrated.

” Look here lady. I’ve been working all day. I’m tired. Don’t talk to me like that. I’ll give you a map and you leave me alone.”

“Ok, show me how to get there on the map.”

“You’ll figure it out! It’s just a straight road for heaven’s sake.”

“You.    .    .”

I pulled her away saying,

“Mom! It’s okay! We’ll figure it out.”

We just stood there for a second. We sat in the car and drove for another hour or so until we finally reached the inn. I was tired and kind of afraid about what was going to happen. “Tracy, we’re going to be fine”, Alice said while mom was looking to see if there were rooms available. This irritated me a little,” Says the person who was complaining for the last hour”, I snapped. She looked like she was going to say something but mom came out and told us that she had found a room for us.

As soon as we got into the room we dropped on the bed and fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up and looked outside. It was a beautiful day, but it didn’t feel so beautiful on the inside. Mom was still asleep and Alice might have gone to get coffee or something. I went out to get some fresh air. It was a small inn and there wasn’t a sign of any other people there. I looked at mom’s car. It was really dusty. But on the windshield there was a note written in the middle of the dust.



“We should talk”, it said. Under it there was a map. It had been marked. There was a star somewhere behind the inn. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t even know if this was meant for me. My curiosity got the better of me. I ran around the small building o get to the back. I looked at the map and walked around a little until I was on the spot marked on the map. It was damp and kind of dirty. I wondered why the person chose this spot.



“What are you doing here?”

“I could ask the same.”

“I asked first.”

“Fine! I saw a note on the windshield with a map that led me here.”



“That wasn’t meant for you.”

“Who was it for?”


“Why did you want to talk to mom?”

“You don’t want to know.”

“Ugh! Come on Alice. I’m not a kid.”

“Well you sure do act like one.”


“Tracy, do you know the real reason we moved?”

“Yeah. Mom couldn’t get over dad’s death, so she thought it would be a good idea to move.”

“We didn’t move because of mom. We moved because of you.”

“What do you mean?”

“After dad died, you haven’t been yourself. You stopped talking to everyone. Your grades went down drastically. You always put your headphones and cut everyone off. Mom thought it would be a good idea to get a fresh start. Obviously that’s not working.”

I stood quiet looking at my shoes.

In a gentler tone she said “Look, I know how you feel. When dad died my world fell apart. But you have to put your life back together again. You can’t dwell on it forever. If dad was here he wouldn’t want you to be so sad would he?”

“He wouldn’t “, I whispered as a tear streamed down my face. Alice came up and hugged me.

“I’m sorry”, I said.

“Me too.”

“Me three”, said a very familiar voice.


We all three hugged not even thinking about how she got here.

“We should find a house soon”, mom said suddenly.

Alice replied “I know exactly whom to ask.”

The next moment we were in the car. Driving down the same road we had driven down yesterday. We stopped at the same little shop. The same girl was there. She looked like she had gotten enough sleep last night. She noticed us.

“Here to argue with me again?”

Mom cringed “Umm yeah. Sorry about that. I was wondering where I could find a house we could buy.”

The girl’s look of disgust changed into a look of surprise.

“Why would you be looking for a house?”

“So we could live here. Of course!”

She stared at us.

“Why?” Mom asked.

“Nobody stays in the valley for very long.”

I piped in.

“So,  guess we’ll be the first.”


I hope you liked that little story of mine. Kind of sad that CWWC is ending. But so grateful that I got to be a part of it. Have a great day!




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