A Letter to Society

Dear Society,

Look at yourself. Look at what you’ve done to this world. Look at what you’ve done to your people. Girls and boys are harming themselves because you tell them that they need to be a certain way to be happy. Look at them, they’re destroying themselves, just to make you happy. They hate themselves because they don’t have those shiny locks of golden hair, that stick thin body and clear skin that you keep telling them they need to have.

Think of all those amazing people you could’ve created if only you had been accepting. Think of all those people who could’ve changed the world if only you had told them that they could.

Because of you, when those people wake up in the morning and look at themselves in the mirror, they only see ugliness. They tell themselves that they’re not pretty, that they need to be pretty. They look at those perfect, photoshopped  models, that you show them and compare themselves. They try so hard to look like them, only to realize that they’ll never look how you want them to. They’re trying to make you happy, when they should be trying to be happy themselves.

Have you noticed this? Because I have. So, today, I have one request. Stop. Just stop it. Stop telling people that they need to be a certain way to be accepted. Stop telling them that they need to look a certain way to be pretty. Stop telling them to be someone they’re not. Stop showing them those gorgeous, photoshopped models that they will one day aspire to look like, but it won’t be possible, because it’s not real. But most of all, stop telling them that they’re not beautiful. Stop telling them that they’r not worth it, because they are. Every. Single. One of them, is amazing and wonderful and worth it.. So, stop telling them that they’re not and instead, show them the  beautiful people that they are.

Don’t put them down because of who they’re not, but make them feel loved because of who they are. Tell them they’re amazing. Encourage them to throw their heart into what they love to do, and tell them that they are beautiful because of who they are. Please.

Hey Dreamers! I hope you enjoyed that post. I know my last post was on the same topic. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately , and one day I came home and wrote this in my journal. I strongly believe that everyone in this world is beautiful and needs to feel beautiful, so I really wanted to post this. I hope you liked it and have a great day!



Who You Are ~ A Poem

Stick-thin bodies,

and long blonde hair,

a face full of make up,

pretending that you care


Uncomfortable dresses,

and too-tight shoes,

Beauty is pain,

What’s there to lose?


Society will tell you,

this is who you need to be,

this is what you need to do

to be beautiful and pretty


But I’m here to tell you,

that society is wrong,


those freckles scattered

across your face,

and those hidden,

tiny scars,

Your faded shirt,

and messed up hair,

make you who you are



when you look at yourself,

in the mirror everyday,

don’t listen

to what they say,

because you are beautiful,

and you are pretty,

and you are

who you are


Hey Dreamers! I wrote this poem yesterday, and I really wanted to share it with you. This is something I strongly believe in and it’s a topic that’s really close to my heart, so I hope you liked it!