Hi, I’m Arunima. It’s pronounced Uh-roo-nee-mah. I moved to U.S from India. Here are a few facts about me-

  • My favorite colors are lavender and turquoise.
  • I want to be a writer when I grow up.
  • I love arts and crafts.
  • I live by the word Dream.
  • I’m a Harry Potter fangirl.
  • I play the piano.
  • I absolutely LOVE reading. I’m not a bookworm, I’m a book dragon.( I read that somewhere and loved it.)
  • My name means red rays of the morning sun.
  • I really like Disney.
  • This is my second blog.
  • I love blogging.

If you’re reading this, it would be amazing if you followed me. Leave a comment below about what we have in common, and what kinds of posts would you like to see.