Best Friends Forever

Hey Dreamers! This post is dedicated to my IRL Best Friend: Saanika

I don’t even know how to start. She is one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet and I’m so grateful that we met. This is for you:

Change and Friendship

I’m not the




girl I used to be,






girl you used to know

two years ago

A lot can change in two years


You’re not the





girl who wore pigtails,

You’re not the girl

I used to know

two years ago

A lot can change in two years


But the one thing

that didn’t change

Is our friendship

that grew stronger

as we were apart


We might change

a hundred times,

but I hope

our friendship

stays the same


We’ll change together

support each other

and become

something beautiful

♥Our Friendship will never change♥

Everyone needs a friend like Saanika. A sweet and quirky girl, who’s always there for you. When I moved, she kept in touch all the time, sometimes because of the time difference she used to call in the middle of the night. When we met again I was sure without a doubt, that it would be one of those moments that you know you’ll be friends forever. Our connection was still there. And we never ran out of things to talk about. That’s my favorite thing about her: I can always be with her and I’ll never be bored.

Sometimes when we video chat we are both quiet for a second not knowing what to say. But after that second we burst out laughing. Whenever I talk with her it feels like nothing else matters. I love her and miss her so much. I’ll walk the edge of the world for her.

I remember the day I met her. Me and my other friend were collecting seeds on the school ground (yes, I used to collect seeds). And she was new. She came and joined us and our friendship just grew.

Click here to see her blog. She doesn’t post a lot, but that’s okay.

Comment below your favorite thing about your best friend.

50 Posts!!!

Hey Dreamers! Guess what? I have written 50 posts on this blog! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee  The last post was the 50th one. I was going to tell you guys then in a subtle way but I forgot. So here we are. My next goal is a 100 posts. Since this was a short post I will ask you a question:

If you went to Hogwarts who would be your best friend?

Mine would be Luna Lovegood. She’s so sweet and dreamy. She’d be such a fun best friend to have!


The Liebster Award

Hey Dreamers! Today I am doing The Liebster Award Tag. This is the very first tag I have done on my blog. I admit, I’ve been tagged a few times before. I was just a teeny bit lazy, but I will do them sometime. So:


  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Display the award on your blog
  • Provide ten random facts about yourself (optional)
  • Nominate 5-11 bloggers whom you feel deserved this award and have less than 200 followers
  • List these rules
  • Inform the nominees


Thank You so, so, so much for nominating me.

Ten random facts about me:

I wear glasses.

I know how to speak Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, I’m learning Spanish, and of course English.

I play the piano.

My favorite flower is a lilly.

I want to travel the world.

My name means “red rays of the morning sun”.

I love collecting stuffed animals.

I always carry a notebook in my purse.

I collect souvenirs from whenever I travel,we have a shelf full of little trinkets.

I used to learn an Indian classical dance called Kathak for about two  years before we moved to the US

I Nominate:

Angela@A Writing Rose

Saanvi@A Notebook,One Pen,And Me


Gayatri@The Erratic

Bella@Totally Random

That is it for this post thank you for reading it. I hope you enjoyed learning those little facts about me.

I’m Back!!!

Hey Dreamers! I’m back from India. I had the most amazing time there. I’ll write a post about it sometime. For now I need to ask you to do something:

Comment below your favorite post that I’ve written on my blog


Comment below your favorite writing prompt

(the prompt doesn’t have to be mine)

I’m just curious to know so pleasepleasepleaseplease please comment.



The Spelling Bee Catastrophe

*The following is a true story*

She had been preparing for weeks for this day. Endless days of spelling out words to her mom and looking through the dictionary to learn what it meant. Her mom believed that it wasn’t enough to just know how to spell a word, you had to know what it meant too. All her hardwork would show that day. This was her chance to show how determined she was to do well. Winning would have been amazing. But even if she didn’t win, she had to do her best. Excited and nervous, she sat with her family in the front row. She looked around and spotted her friend from Spanish class. They waved to each other and talked about their nervousness and excitement. The girl was glad her friend was there.

Finally, they were about to start the Spelling Bee. There were chairs set up on the stage for the contestants to sit on. On the side there was a table for the two judges, on the table there was a little bell which the judges would ring if you spelt something wrong. The librarian was calling up the contestants to be seated. The girl got a seat in the very front. She would be the fifth person to go. Luckily she had a seat next to her friend. They chatted for a while, while everyone got situated.

The Spelling Bee began. They started with the easy words. It was the first round. She was nervous, but confident. It was her turn. “Your word is ‘chatter'”  said the judge. “This is easy!” the girl thought.                   “C   H   A   T   T   E   R” she said. The judges whispered to each other. “Can you repeat the word please”, asked the other judge. Nervously, she repeated it. The next moment all her happiness fell apart. She heard the “ding” of the little bell. She was devastated. On the verge of tears, she ran off the stage and sat by her parents. Her parents started whispering to each other. They had heard the right spelling, they must have misheard the word. “Was the word ‘shatter’?” asked her dad to her mom. The girl was weeping. She had practiced for weeks and weeks and this was what happened. Her hardwork hadn’t paid off. She felt really bad about herself.

Soon the librarian announced a short break. Her friend came over to comfort her. She rushed to the bathroom to wash her face. Meanwhile her dad was talking to the judges. He called his daughter over to the judges. The judges gave her an explanation of what had happened. Both of them had mis heard what she had said. They hadn’t heard the “A” and instead of “T” they heard “D”. The girl realized she hadn’t spoken clearly enough and she partly blamed her Indian accent.

Later that night, after the Spelling Bee her parents took her out to dinner to her favorite restaurant to make her feel better. She felt a bit better. But the next day, when her friends asked her about it, she had to put on a smile, explain what happened and tell them it was fine.

A few days passed and she was over it. But she would never forget what happened and what she learnt that day.


Hey Dreamers! I hope you enjoyed that little story I wrote and yes it really happened. I want you guys to know that mistakes happen. Everyone has a right to make a mistake once in a while. Don’t dwell on it, learn from it. Besides, this was really fun to write and moments like these can turn into stories you tell to your friends. Bye!

Summer Bucket List

Hey Dreamers!Summer vacation started today for me, so I decided to create a Summer Bucket List. I’ve seen lots of bloggers do this, and it seemed fun. Some of these are super random but I think they’ll be fun

Write a Lot

I really want to be productive this summer. I don’t know what I’ll write about, but I do want to write a lot now that I have a lot of free time.

Read a Lot

Do I even have to explain this one?

Do a Lot of Art

I really like art and it calms me, so I want to spend less time looking at art on the internet and more time doing art.

Learn Morse Code

I think learning something new is always useful and fun. And morse code looks really fun to learn. I’ve read some stories where friends talk ton each other in morse code using flashlights.

Write in Diary Everyday

I always like memories to last forever. I want to look back and see what I did and new things that I learned.

Go to the Beach

I feel like it’s not summer if you don’t go to the pool or the beach. I’m going back to India to visit and some of my cousins live close to the beach, so this one most likely will happen.

Learn to Bake

The only thing I’ve baked is cookies. I want to learn how to bake something new.

Learn How to Make Mint Lemonade

This may seem really random. We grow mint in our house, so I really, really want to use that to make home grown mint lemonade.

Blog Often

Again, do I need to explain?


I hope you guys enjoyed this post. It was so much fun to write. Comment below your plans for the summer, or what you did in summer, because I know I have readers from all over the world. Have a nice day!

The Mysterious Girl~A Short Story

It was a cold winter night.  I could hear the soft sound of the snow on the café window.  The warmth of the fireplace felt cozy.  I slowly sipped my hot chocolate.

The door opened.  A girl walked in.  She had long brown wavy hair.  Her eyes were as blue as the sea.  She was wearing a white lace dress with a golden dream catcher necklace.  She didn’t have any shoes.  She was shivering.  I felt a little sorry for her.  I got her a hot chocolate and gave her socks and shoes, which I had in my backpack.  She sat by the fireplace.  I sat in front of her and offered her the shoes and the hot chocolate.  She looked at me and asked, “For me?” I nodded.  She wore the shoes and  took the hot chocolate and slowly sipped it.  She stopped shivering. “What’s your name?”, I asked. “Sara”, she answered.  “I’m Diana”, I said.  “Are you new to the city?” I enquired.  She nodded and said no.  “Tell me about this city.  I’m new here”.  We spent the next few minutes talking about the city.  Then the café manager, who had become my friend, came over to the fireplace with his co-workers (who were also my friends).  I started talking to them forgetting about Sara.  I suddenly remembered her and I introduced her to them.  “Will you introduce me to your friends sometime?” I asked.  “I . . . . um need to go outside for a moment”, she said and then she left.  I waited for her almost all night.  I wrote in my journal about how I wanted to be friends with her and she looked really nice.  She didn’t come back.  I tore those pages from my journal.  I went home.

It’s been ten years since that happened and I never saw Sara again.  I always feel sadness wash over me when I think about it.  I went to the same café where I had met Sara.  I talked to my friend (the manager) about Sara.  “I need to give you something” he said and went into the storage room.  He came back with  two small boxes and a light blue envelope. “Sara came back the other day when you left. Yes Diana she came back for you.  She said that she was sorry for leaving and she really liked you.  And she left these gifts for you” he said.  I felt so happy.  I would burst with joy.  I went home and opened the letter.  It said.

Dear Diana,

I am really sorry for leaving the other day.  You might be wondering why I left.  So, I felt a little jealous of you.  I stayed in the city for almost my whole life and I didn’t have any friends and you just moved here and had so many friends.  I came back the next day because I wanted to see you for the last time before I moved to another city.  Now please open the gifts before you read more.

I opened the first gift and saw her dream catcher necklace.  It was beautiful.  It was golden and had light blue beads.  And the second gift had a lot of jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings.  I continued reading.

I made all of the jewelry.  I make jewelry.  It is my favorite thing to do.  I hope you like it.  I’ll visit you some time.  Write back  ❤

Love, Sara


This is a story I wrote on my old blog and I thought I’d share it with you guys. Thoughts? Tell me in the comments.