Art of Nature

As golden as the sunset glow
As serene as the sea
As beautiful as roses
Blazing like the embers,
As sweet as strawberries
As bright as a shooting star
As new as the morning sun
As rare as an eclipse
The Art of Nature

Hey Dreamers! This is a poem I had written a while ago and later on entered it in Mirra’s nature poetry contest. Thoughts?

Change the World

She lit up the world with a smile,

Happiness spread to every mile

Though it be rain or shine,

She was always very kind

Always so sweet and thoughtful,

it made the world more colorful

She was just a simple girl

but she changed the world

Hey Dreamers! I’m finally back!!! The last few weeks have been especially trying and I am so glad to get back to blogging again. Bye!



Like a spark from fireworks

a dazzling space

flutters around

like a butterfly with grace

A wonderful creation,

waiting to be made

Nature’s great mystery

hope it’ll never fade

It can come from

wishing or walking the grounds,

It can come from

humming or hearing sweet sounds

The greatest creations

were created by,

Creators who were inspired 

and looked up at the sky



I looked up at the starry night

and dreamt of faraway lands,

dreamt of magic, dreamt of wishes,

dreamt of touching the sky

I looked up at the mountain peak

and hoped for success to come,

hoped for courage, hoped for bravery,

hoped for a gorgeous view

Finally, I looked down at the ground below

and was thankful for my home,

thankful for my family and friends,

thankful for this world


As a blooming flower

I grow,

With strength and knowledge

I grow,

With experience and learning 

I grow,

I grow as beautiful

as a flower blooms

I go through pain

but in the end

I’m something wonderful

Hey Dreamers! This is another poem I wrote about how I feel about growing up. I hope you like it. Please tell me in the comments below if you did.

Dream On



Everybody has a secret,

Something they keep to themselves,

Secrets are special,

They tell stories about

who we are

Secrets are things

that you keep forever

and nobody knows but you

Keep your secrets safe

protect them, embrace them

let them tell your story

Hey Dreamers. This was a poem I wrote. I really hope you guys liked it. Tell me in the comments if you did.

Dream On