Writing Prompt #4

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a writing prompt and Mukta requested one and I thought “Why not?” So inspiration struck and here I am. This one is a bit long but I am proud of myself for coming up with it. I hope you like it:

Do you like it? If you use it you can link it in the comments or you can go to my Contacts page and type it in there. I would love to see all your work.



Writing Prompt #3

Hi! I wrote another prompt. I don’t like it as much as the last two, but I think it’s kind of good. This surprised me as well since I’m not much of a gloom and doom person( not that it’s a bad thing).  Here it is-


Do you like it? Do you have any good prompts you would like to share? Tell me in the comments.

Dream On


Prompt #2

Hey guys. I have another prompt to share with you today. I was pretty surprised at myself for coming up with this so I really hope you like it:


Did you like it? Do you have any good prompts you’d like to share? Tell me in the comments.



Writing Prompt #1

Hey guys! It’s Arunima. I was scrolling through Pinterest for  writing prompts and got inspired to write my own. So I came up with a few prompts that I’ll be sharing with you guys. I’ll try to post a prompt at least once a week. Here is the first prompt:prompt-1-2

I came up with it myself. Do you like it? Tell me in the comments if you like this prompt and would like more prompts, and tell me if you’re going to use this prompt(personally I never use writing prompts, only sometimes I do, I just scroll through the writing prompts for inspiration.